Promises kept

Keeping Promises, Keeping People Well

Our foundation’s most important work is using our donors' gifts exactly as promised — and reporting those results as quickly as possible. Below are recent examples of how we have used donors' contributions to help people live well.

  • Photo showing the newborn camera in action

    Newborn Nursery Cameras

    Thanks to donors, relatives around the corner or around the world can log on securely to see their tiniest new family members because of seven nursery cameras that appreciated donors fully funded.

  • Image

    Cardiac Defibrillators

    When someone is having a heart attack and needs electrical current to restore a normal heartbeat, cardiac defibrillators are one of the most important tools for which a caregiver can reach. Donors to the foundation's Greatest Need Fund helped fund the acquistion of 38 new defibrillators when the hospital needed to replace them after learning the vendor would no longer support our older devices. 

  • Photo showing a man using the Digital Lab Pathology Scanner

    Lab Scanner

    Four Seasons Resort and Club — along with hundreds of other appreciated donors — fully funded the 2022 purchase of a new digitizing scanner that sends high-resolution images so pathologists can receive images to analyze in only moments, replacing the need to ship actual tissue slides. The result: diagnoses can be determined sooner and treatment planning can begin quickly.

  • Surgical instruments

    Surgical Equipment Sterilizer

    The Hillcrest Foundation generously gave funds to replace an older equipment sterilizer that was always in need of repair. In a 2022 stewardship report, we were excited to tell this donor that the new sterilizer was so efficient and reliable, our hospital was saving four hours a day processing (and not having to re-sterilize) equipment. This gift saves water, electricity and staff time — and helps us ensure surgical instruments are sterile when our surgeons reach for them.

  • Canine Companions for Independence

    Canine Companions for Independence

    Between 2015 and 2022, our foundation gratefully collected and granted more than $1 million of donors’ gifts to provide assistance dogs without charge to children and adults who need them.

  • Battling Childhood Obesity

    Battling Childhood Obesity

    Between 2010 and 2022, grants representing more than $600,000 in donors’ gifts went to help collaborative efforts with the local YMCA and school district to battle the epidemic of childhood obesity.

  • Infant Medical Training Manikin

    Infant Medical Training Manikin

    Our beloved hospital volunteers and employees combined forces to contribute the $42,000 needed to purchase this super-specialized teaching tool to help the team in our nursery and New Family Unit with its year 'round educational efforts.